ISO 13485

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In 1994, Micro-Weld was founded due to the need for the microscopic welding service in the upper midwest. With the team's experiential knowledge of the tooling industry and the talents of its highly skilled staff, the company developed significantly in it's 25 years of business. Initially, Micro-Weld provided services solely to the tooling and plastics industries, focusing primarily on microscopic TIG welding on molds. In the early 2000's Micro-Weld added the Laser Welding service. Throughout the years, Micro-Weld has expanded to meet the needs of medical device companies, production companies and many many more. With the ISO Certification 13485, Micro-Weld is more than prepared to assist you today.


Company History

Micro-Weld provides the unique services of TIG, microscopic TIG, laser and production welding to the tooling, plastics and medical device industries.

We service companies throughout the nation. 

Our forte is our talent, customer service and our quick turnaround.

We are quality and capability driven. 


ISO 13485